How to fix sprinklers

This is a do it yourself video on how to locate and fix broken sprinkler lines. Tree roots broke a pipe in my yard and I take you through the whole process of getting your sprinklers up and running again.


St Joseph will help you buy and sell Homes, no REALLY!

I personally had never heard of this until a couple days ago.  My clients have had their home for sale for over 4 months.  Late November we had the discussion and it was decided that the sign would come down from the front yard on December 1st and we would put the sale on hold until early spring.

Around that same time a neighbor told Estela (the home owner) about St Joseph.  He is a Saint that is believed to help you sell your home.  The legend says that St Joseph is the father of Jesus and the husband of the Virgin Mary, and he will help you sell real estate.  What you are supposed to do is bury St Joseph in your yard upside down facing your home and he will help you sell it.  Once the home is sold you are supposed to dig him up and put him in a place of honor in your next home.

Estela, a few days later bought a St Joseph statue but felt bad burying him… so she had him on a shelf in the house.  Keep in mind, she had asked me to take down the sign December 1st.  I forgot to make the call to have the sign removed and on December 7th she called me about it.  That day I called to have it come down the next day.  That night I received a phone call from someone driving by because the sign was still up.  I showed that potential buyer the house the next day and they made an offer.  The offer was not yet accepted so I met with Estela and we drafted up our counter offer.

The night we signed the counter offer we were unsure whether it would be accepted or not but we had faith in St Joseph.  Estela and I went out to the front yard and I removed the sign myself.  We both looked down at the hole from the sign post I just pulled out of the ground.  I think we both looked at each other with the same look on our face.  We knew what had to be done.  We brought St Joseph out, wrapped him in seran wrap and buried him upside down facing the house.  We said a prayer to St Joseph, gave each other a big hug and I left for the night.

The next day I met the prospective buyers at the home and we signed the counter offer and opened escrow the following day.

It’s funny how things work out, a couple days later another agent called me and said she was about to write up an offer and just realized it was no longer active…Not only did St Joseph Help, he went overboard.  This is a link with more information.

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Simple explanation of a short sale and REO

In the last few months I am noticing that more and more people don’t really understand how a short sale works. Here is a short video to make YOU an expert! OK, maybe not an expert, but you will learn a thing or two if you don’t already know the process.

Construction Industry friends that are out of work.

This is a blog post to help everyone out there that is like me that works in the construction industry and has been very slow with work. Leave a comment at the bottom of the page about what it is you do and all of your contact info. The more info you leave the better. Friends like using friends for work, so let’s grow this to a huge community where we can talk to each other and help each other out.

How to install Kitchen Sink Plumbing

On Friday June 10th, I went to my good friend Cameron’s house in Laguna Niguel to help him with his kitchen. He has been remodeling it with my assistance along the way. Typically you would want to hire me or your favorite contractor to take care of everything but Cameron likes to do things himself so I just guided him in the right direction and he has done a very good job. I helped him about a month ago to get it started and we did all the demo. It was A LOT of work, took all day and we hauled over 3 tons of trash to the dump. That was not a fun drive pulling all that in the trailer behind my Titan.

So getting back to today. Cabinets and Granite have been installed and he was going to call a plumber to install his faucet, garbage disposal, dishwasher and all the plumbing under the sink. So to save on money I told him we would do it ourselves and put it on video to show YOU how to do it and watch the fun we have along the way. I was hoping it would take us about an hour, but this was the same day that game 5 of the Stanley cup finals was on so we were a little sidetracked and it took a little longer than expected. We also installed his cooktop, wall oven, warming drawer and wine fridge.

So with out further delay here is our adventure.

What this Blog is all about…

So, what I hope to accomplish with this Blog is a lot!  I want to be your go to guy when you have any questions about how to do ANYTHING related to your home.  I really do mean anything.  I can help you buy or sell a home (I’m a REALTOR) or I can help you fix anything in your house, build a house, rent a house, evict a tenant… I do it ALL and I want to help you however I can.  I come from a real estate family and my background is in general construction and property management.

I plan on doing many how to videos and posting them here for your convienence.  Only problem is there are only so many things I can do at my house.  SO if you have a project at home that maybe I can help you with, let me know… maybe we can work something out…  Also, it really bugs me when I hear of a friend that has something done at home by some random subcontractor without talking to me 1st!  I have MANY subs that I can recommend to you, so don’t just find some random craisglist guy.  Call  me and I will point you in the right direction.  I have em all from Tile guys, electricians, plumbers, to landscapers.  Don’t get burned with some guy you don’t even know!

Ray (562) 400-7004,